Your new home near Warsaw

Ożarów Segments is the perfect choice for you and your family if you are looking for a new home in the vicinity Warsaw. Our housing estates in Ożarów are projects in line with a modern approach to construction. The segments are located in close proximity to recreation centers, schools, kindergartens, or shops.

The Ożarów segments are located near Warsaw, specifically about 30 minutes by car from the center of Warsaw. The house in Ożarów is a great alternative to living in Warsaw, thanks developing infrastructure, proximity to workplaces and the opportunity to rest from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Ożarów is a city that is rapidly developing in terms of communication, recreation and educational. Many new jobs are also being created here.

Ożarów is connected with Warsaw lines of Warsaw city buses 713 and 743, as well as a railway line serving Koleje Mazowieckie, in the near future also SKM. An important advantage of buying a house in Ożarów will be the 2nd line of the Warsaw metro is also under construction, the last western station of which will be located on the border of the Ożarów Commune.

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